Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I'm completed 2 Chelsea Handler books so far.  And by complete, I mean, I've listened to 2.

This woman... kinda fascinates me. I'm not sure why. She's sort of appalling... she's outrageous and obnoxious.  I do know why... she makes no apologies for who she is. She's confident and never doubts herself or her abilities.  From the stories told, she was born that way. She has this "Why the f*ck not" attitude, and I'd like to be more like this.

The first book I listed to was "Are you there Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea." She narrates this book and tells tells from growing up, summers in Martha's Vinyard and trips to Costa Rica with her father later in her career.


The next book I listened to was "Lies That Chesea Handler Told Me"... which is narrated by the people who write the the stories.  Kinda funny, again, she's just so over the top.

But on all accounts, people in Chelsae's life love her. She's totally generous to those she loves despite being horrible. Playing jokes, big lies.

All and All, these are both pretty entertaining to listen to on any drive and and out of work. Especially while sitting in LA traffic!

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