Saturday, May 11, 2013


Once upon a time... I did not like coconut water... it was quite close to the beginning of the creation of this blog, if memory serves me.  Yes! It was my Coco-No Entry posted HERE.

Well, a lot has changed since that post waaaay back in 2011.  I have learned many things about coconut water... Mostly that not all coconut water is created equal.

Long gone are the days when Simple was Better... we live in a society where more more more more more and more is attractive.  I get it. I like ... THINGS too!

But what I do NOT want... is anything added to my coconut water/milk/cream.  God made one perfect food and beverage.  Not to mention a killer scent too.  Yup, my friend, The Coconut.

I cracked open 3 coconuts... and I'm glad to report on a side note, that to this point, still can count all 10 fingers on my hands.

Once the flesh was pierced, this is our time to decide what you wanna do... stick a fun pretzel straw in the hole and drink the water?  Or keep cracking to get to the insides?

In this case, I wanted to make coconut milk/cream. So I started with 3 young Thai coconuts.  Once I emptied each of their water (which I threw right into Tazz), I cracked away with my best knives (which are gonna need a trip to the sharpening factory again) and scraped out the tender TENDER milky white flesh of the coconut meat.  Into the blender that went!

coconut creamy milk

Now, depending on if you want MILK or CREAM... add water to your desired thickness and vita-blend away!!! I wanted to make more of a milk for my morning smoothies, so I added 1 cup per coconut cracked... so in this case, 3 cups of water.

coconut milk
I added nothing else. Nothing to emulsify.  If you look closely, you can see a more creamy thick top and a light colored milk on the bottoms.  When you go to use it, get your first arm exercise of the morning in and just shake it up a bit.  Its a great feeling!

I tucked the big guy into the door of my fridge for the morning, and the rest in the freezer. This thaws out AMAZINGLY!

But do take a drink... fast... its so quenching. You'll wonder why you ever reached for a Coke!

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