Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Homecoming

I have plenty more photos and experiences to share, but I could not resist when as I was rolling my suitcase up the stairs, found this box waiting outside my front door!

It took me until Wednesday to open them up, and boy was I excited for what I found.

new babies
When I sent back the knives for their annual sharpening, I did not feel that any thing was wrong with them. I guess the company felt they were not up to snuff, because when I opened the box, along with the other knives that were so handsomely bubble wrapped together, these 3 brand new knives were included.

When I checked out the packing slip/invoice, there it was listed as replaced, each of these knives.

I could not believe that they would replace a knife without complaint.

I don't have enough amazing things to say about this Made in America company and product.

... just saying

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