Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oh Decorative Boxes, How Do I Love Thee

I was inspired on Sunday when I went to Michael's with a 25% off total order coupon in my hand and passed an isle full of these decorative boxes...


I have danced with these boxes about 2 years ago, beautiful hydrangea boxes with magical magnetic strips to that help keep them closed.  I bought a bunch and used them in my closets to hide the ugly!

So with each box being 30% off and THEN my 25% off coupon, I decided my computer desk needed a much needed makeover as well.  

Our living room is small, and the corner desk touches the entertainment center, so it was always kind of an eye sore, but we had no other place to house the desktop along with 2 printers and a scanner and all the accouterments.

So I walked around the isles of Michael for well over 2 hours, contemplating with a sketch i prepared yesterday with measurements of boxes and cubby hole sizes.

Here is my before...

computer transformation before

And here is my after!

Computer Transformation after

And this picture will show you just how close the entertainment center and mission control center are!


I feel i'm 80% done. A few more small details here and there, but I think its a breath of fresh air!

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