Monday, March 26, 2012

6 Week Cleanse

I've been off "white" for over a year now. I think it might actually be 1 1/2 by now.  I feel really great (until I eat something that I didn't realized was laced with sugar and then I usually get a headache or my heart races).

But I started off by fasting for 6 weeks with "no grains of any kind."  In the last couple months, I've slowly packed in a few pounds, which I'd like to get off.

According to very reliable sources, most grains are heavy and lethargic, and depresses your senses (especially your mind) so, being that I'm in between jobs, I don't need more depressants in my life!

Day 1:

AM breakfast - 1 egg w/ cheese.

PM lunch- Indian food.  Here was my awesome tip to stay away from the rice/naan.  I got chicken tikka (not to be confused with tikka masala)  It was pretty much just clay oven roasted chicken. NO SAUCE. The dry (but remarkably tender chicken breast) had NO CURRY sauce, so I had no need to "sop up the sauce" with any of the naan or rice that B was eating.

PM snack - Starbucks drip with half and half.

PM  dinner - Pork chops with roasted parsnips. 

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  1. Awesome! I've been cutting out sugar, starches, and grains and feel great too! Yay for health!