Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dinner 6-4-2012

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Meatless Mondays! Oh, why the hell not! 

I roasted some organic broccoli with olive oil, salt and garlic powder in a 400 degree oven. Instead of a cookie sheet (which is how I normally roast my veggies)


I opted for Flamer. WAY better idea. At least in terms of clean up. I didn't have to deal with scrubbing the bottom of the aluminum pan or wasting money on tin foil (which never seemed to keep the oil from dripping underneath). I soaked for a minute or two in hot water with a touch of liquid soap.) And any time I can use my Le Creuset cookware, just solidifies my excuses for needing them to cook with.

Next was those gorgeous vine ripened tomatoes which still had the vine smell (my favorite part of gardening. Glade should create this scent). I drizzled some extra virgin olive oil over these slices, and topped with some basil, salt and garlic powder.

Sliced and marinated radishes (EVOO, salt and garlic power) were tossed over my quinoa (which was the placeholder for PROTEIN tonight) which had some chili pepper tossed in to the homemade veggie stock that I made last week.

I'm excited that I seem to have a running kitchen, utilizing everything that I am buying to the fullest.

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