Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Little Bit Wicked, and a Little Bit of Relief.

Living in LA, as a freelancer means, well, from one job to another, you're commute is bound to change.  And with commuting for me usually means... traffic. Traffic. TRAFFIC.

My worst commute was The Valley to Santa Monica.  Man, I'd come home just, rip shit mad.  Road Rage was a very real factor in my life.  Then, I found books on tape.  Cue the angels.  The books usually took me to a far away place and certainly away from the 405 parking lot.  It usually only took me about 1 disk to get attached to the plot, and then, I would just listen, and drive.

My favorite author to listen to is Maeve Binchy.  She doesn't read her own books, but most of them take place in either Ireland or Greece, or Italy.  Between Maeve's words or the narrator's accents, I would drift away to a special 'happy place', and my hands would loosen around the the steering wheel.

By the time I reached my parking spot at home, I usually "had to" wait in the car for the chapter to end, or a good place to stop.  But the point was, I would enter through the threshold to meet my beloved with a much different attitude.  (Sometimes, I would HOPE for more traffic... shhhhhhhhh!). 

Another fun series was the Shopaholic books from Sophie Kinsella.  Again, the English accent helps, and the light fun content was enough to distract.  Nothing truly though provoking here.

My last and current job has kept me 2 years 'steady' with the same commute... which, is a Medium sized commute if we were playing the 3 Bear scenario. 30 minutes or so on and off the brakes to get to work, 17-25 on the way home.  All of 5.1 miles.  Luckily I don't usually come home feeling like my temper had rocked off the Richter scale from the freeway.  Summers were so great, but now that the kiddies are all back in school, commuting has gone back to sucking medium suck.  Stop and go for all of 5 miles just sucks.

Enter, Kristen Chenoweth.  My friend had mentioned that she heard that Kristen's book, "A Little Bit Wicked (a play on her developing the role of Galinda in Wicked on Broadway".

Turns out, Ms. Kristy from Broken Arrow, OK also narrates her book so I ordered it from my library and waited, and waited, and waited... I finally got the notice that it was my turn :) I think I waited a few months. So long, that I forgot that I ordered it until I got the email.

The minute I popped it into my cd player in the car, I was ADDICTED.  She is so freakin cute, entertaining and enchanting.  The experience as a whole was so delightful. I can not rave about it enough.  She is honest and funny, and the alliteration is amazing.  I finished disk 6 today... and I was so sad.  Its over. Done. Blah.  But I did make a copy of it, so I can throw it back into circulation when I need a pick me up!

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  1. I love her! I was just listening to the Wicked soundtrack last night. I'm definitly going to keep my eye out for this. Thanks!